Another oven of values

I made this small on purpose
Regillo Frascati, Italy, 10 dollars U.S.
Thursdays have always been my favorite day of the week, preganant with possibilities for the upcoming weekend. Once friday has arrived i have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i most likely will be cleaning and walking the dog like every other weekend, but on thursdays i can still imagine adventure popping up (even as i get older).

This thursday has been especially good one since the release of the Watchmen trailer (for those of you not geeks, tsk tsk), and the fact that I found another cheap summer wine, which is always cause for celebration (usually involving a bottle of wine).

The wine in question (if you didn’t read the first line) is Frascati, a denomination i was unfamiliar with until right now. Coming from a region right outside of Rome, and being blended from a number of different, mostly unremarkable, varietals, Frascati seems to be one of those italian wines that is doomed to obscurity. As Costco and the Brazilian board of tourism probably know, heat and bargain prices do something to overexcite the impulsive side of the brain so i went and ahead and bought a bottle of this to try out.

Now I’m a big fan of judging a wine based on several criteria not related to the actual wine itself, things like weather, food pairing, price, etc. To say this wine is good for say, anything except hot weather gulping, would be disingenous so i certainly won’t say any of that. This is all fresh fruit, pears and apples, without the cloying sweetness that coften comes alog with that. It is more substantial up front than expected, but the finish is thin and a bit watery. Overall I give this a thursday at 3:00 pm out of thursday at 5:00.

What to listen to: Joao Gilberto

What to eat: Anything outdoors

~ by Cory Cartwright on July 20, 2008.

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