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Showket Cabernet, 2004, Oakville California, around 80 dollars US depending
When my wife and i were married two years ago some of our friends decided to skip the registry altogether and buy us wine, which, knowing us, was a better bet than the four (literally) hand blenders we got. This isn’t to say that multiple hand blenders aren’t appreciated, in fact all four are being enjoyed by different people right now, but there is nary a gift that makes one think of the giver like a bottle of wine, even a bad one, and thus it is now habit to give wine for just about everything, from birthdays to weddings.

One particular bottle was good enough that it deserved some age put on it, and it sat there for a while until it was decided that we would just drink it on our first anniversary, and swap it out with another bottle for the next year. Thus a tradition was born, one that was celebrated again just last week with a bottle of 2004 Showket Cabernet.

California cabernet has always been a tricky proposition for me since my foremost thought when drinking is what should i serve alongside it, and some Cabs are best served with nothing at all (or in some cases not even served). The best California Cabs (that i can afford at least), in my opinion, have a nice tannic back end to them that keeps the bigger fruits and oak from washing over your entire palate, and not coincidentally, everything else you eat. Luckily this wine didn’t dissapoint when opened, both as merely a bottle of wine, and as the punctuation to a once a year event. It was soft and rounded, well bodied with just enough dried fruit, blackberries, and body up front with tannin to handle the steak (from the beyond reproach TLC Farm). The most impressive part was the long thoughtful finish, that reminded us both of the year past.

What to eat: see above, with simple mashed potatoes

What to listen to; We were married to Vivaldi and Aphex Twin, so that

Where to buy: here

(on a very sad note the friend who gave us our first bottle passed away during the year at a too young age).

~ by Cory Cartwright on July 31, 2008.

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