Coffee Wines

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Francis Tannahill Syrah “The Hermit”, 2004 Willamette Valley, 40 US dollars

Cadaretta Syrah, 2006 Columbia Valley, 30 US dollars

Coffee wine sounds like one of two things, either a nice mellow wine for drinking and contemplating over, or a strong morning beverage to help you get through the day. For those of you looking for the first, these wines will fit AS WELL AS ANY OTHER. For those of you looking for the second, well these would do the trick as well, but don’t tell anyone i recommended them for the purpose (you should be drinking bloody marys in the first place).

But the real reason these wines are classified as “coffee wines” in my rather loose system (which doesn’t exist) is they both have the rather unique characteristic of smelling, and tasting to a lesser extent, like brewed coffee with cream.

This isn’t to say that the coffee is hiding somewhere down in the vagaries of professional tasting notes, the places where rock varieties and “unctuous” tend to hide, it is right out in the open.

The real reason I have given these wines their own post isn’t the interesting nature of the wines, which is definitely worth some mention, but rather the pairing oppurtunities presented by such a wine. Before, when cooking something with chocolate, be it a pork roast baked in a chocolate crust, or a tri-tip rubbed in chocolate (cut the salt in half) I had a hard time pairing it with any wine, because philosophically chocolate and wine are so similar in their task as luxury foods that pairing them together has generally failed. Chocolate and coffee on the other hand is a match for the ages.

Where to buy:
Tannahill “The Hermit”

What to eat: Cook with chocolate and meat

~ by Cory Cartwright on September 2, 2008.

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