The best wine in the world (this week)

Yes, we decant some white wines.
There is a damn good chance that i will never drink one tenth of the amazing wine out there i would like to in this lifetime. Instead of worrying about whether something better exists at prices that i simply won’t (more like can’t) pay i content myself with finding that rare bottle that seems better than what the price tag would suggest.

At first glance Burgundy would seem the worst place to find such a wine, for there are few places (Napa and Champagne comes to mind) where you can so easily overpay for a bottle of wine. It is a region that i steer clear of in picking out everyday bottles, and in fact i probably would have passed this over had it not been part of a tasting for the always excellent Rosenthal wine merchants.

This wine is excellent in the way only truly simple things can be. By simple i don’t mean one dimensional, or flat, but simple in that shaker furniture kind of way. It is full without being heavy, and has finish without that sticky false finish that many chardonnays tend to have. there is fruit, but it would be hard to describe the wine as “bright.” To complement this i chose perhaps the simplest dish in the world, and also the best according to Simon Hopkinson, a roast chicken with some simple root vegetables, a light salad and tomatoes. Perfect.

What to Eat: See above
What to listen to: For whatever reason this wine reminds me of Kraftwerk

ps. The occasion for this was the gargantuan engineering licensing exam my beautiful wife took so she can stamp drawings and be sued! Now i have to figure what to drink when she passes…

There's a cat hidden somewhere here


~ by Cory Cartwright on November 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “The best wine in the world (this week)”

  1. “best cook in britain” doesn’t say much to me. sort of like “best wine in texas”

  2. Hopkinson does have a quite a love for the pillars of british cuisine, which seem to be brains and offal. He is also a major proponent of simplicity of preparation over complicated technique, and as a bonus he happens to be one the best writers of prose in the food worls. Still, blood pudding…

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