Insert Generic Thanksgiving Post

Things i’m thankful for:
My beautiful wife & my friends & family & and animals (i told you this was generic)
This beef roast that is being pulled out the oven
Ikaruga, Rez, and Ultima V (if you didn’t know my day job is designing videogames)
Jura(n?) winemaker Jacques Puffeney, Austrian Johannes Hirsch, Hiedler, Les Menetrieres, Italian winemaker Paolo Bea, Cheap Gruner Veltliner, Morgon in general, Coturri Vineyards, low sulfur, Gamay, the Rheingau, Alsatian Andre Ostertag, Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand,
Former Jazz center Greg Ostertag
Diplo remixing Daft Punk
Haruki and Takashi Murakami
Andreas Gursky
The late John Bowles, the still living Perez-Reverte, that Keith made me read Pale Fire for the first time, A screaming came across the sky, discovering Kobo Abe and the films of
That the government will have to try regulation again
Holy shit we elected Barack Obama
Holy shit at least one national nightmare didn’t come true
Salt, nutmeg, and tarragon
Many, many other things
Happy Thanksgiving to all!
9I would link everything up but my internet isn’t cooperating, so brevity rules the day)

~ by Cory Cartwright on November 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Insert Generic Thanksgiving Post”

  1. All good things! Hey I like how the white-ish text looks on the black background as I type, sort of MS DOS style. ..anyway, it was great to finally meet you and Emily at Terroir. And then the visit on your way back to San Jose was a terrific surprise. Let me know next time you’re up in the city and want to hang. Cheers, Joe.

  2. No problem, happy birthday again. Thanks for the good time and the wine. We make it up to the city quite a bit so we definitely be in touch.

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