2000 Paolo Bea Montefalco Rosso Riserva Pipparello, 1959 le mont moelleux 1er trie HUET

This week and the last were very, very good to me. The game (i’m a videogame designer by trade) i have been sweating over was finally approved for release, my wife did well for the year at work, and i saw a friend i hadn’t seen in ten years (oh yeah, and Christmas). So to celebrate i bought a bottle of Paolo Bea Montefalco Rosso Riserva Pipparello. Now if you don’t know Paolo Bea is somewhat of a superstar in natural wine circles, producing profoundly interesting wines out of a relatively unknown appelation (Montefalco is a DOC, while Sagrantino di Montefalco, which Bea also produces is a DOCG), and his son Giampero Bea produces the wonderful Coenobium.

What a label

That's how to do it

A blend of Sangiovese, Sagrantino and Montepulciano this wine was all woodsmoke, spice, black pepper, cherries and an interesting black olive earthiness. Excellent, although it fell apart quickly after the bottle was opened.

In addition to this i had a rare oppurtunity to try a wine that would normally be way, way out of my price range, a 1959 le mont moelleux 1er trie HUET purchased with the French two thirds of Terroir. Now if you know anything about Vouvray, or chenin blanc in particular, you know that any serious discussion begins and ends with Huet. Domaine Huet has long made some of the most well regarded, longest lasting whites anywhere (in fact the 59 showed no signs of slowing down and tasted as if it could go another 20 years). They produce single-vineyard sec, demi-sec, moellux, and a pétillant from three vineyards, Le Mont, Le Haut Lieu, and Clos de Bourg.

What can i say about a wine this good? the wine itself was 400$ and worth every penny. I would tell you about the baked apples, apricots, honeysuckle etc. but really i can’t do it justice, as it wouldn’t make any sense to make tasting notes on something so richly deep and nuanced. I will just say that this is the best wine i have ever tasted, and if you see a bottle i urge you to break open your piggy bank with some friend who will appreciate it and drink up.

What to listen to: Carlos Montoya

What to eat: Tuscan steak with the Montefalco, and i wouldn’t recommend anything with the Huet, just enjoy.

~ by Cory Cartwright on December 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “2000 Paolo Bea Montefalco Rosso Riserva Pipparello, 1959 le mont moelleux 1er trie HUET”

  1. just so you know this was the 1959 moelleux 1er trie……

  2. Fixed…

  3. I had that ’59 Huet in New York, bought at Chambers Street, for a friend’s birthday. Definitely one of my memorable wines of last year. Fuck, that stuff was great!

    Fun blog… been lurking for a while.


  4. Thanks for the comment. This wine was great stuff, and i have to give a shout to Guilhaume and Luc for convincing me to go ahead and pick it up. Nice to taste old wine that hasn’t been worn down to it’s basic structure.

  5. […] which is far, far out of my price range. So what are the wines like? I have written about the 1959 Moellux Premiere Trie here, and can honestly say that it was the best wine i’ve ever drank, and i don’t yet have […]

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