National Spotlight for Sustainable Eating

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Not quite a major policy overhaul, but Obama’s choice of Chicago chef Sam Kass as a new White House kitchen member is a small step in the right direction for a government that has long placed sensible farm policy near the bottom of the list while paying lip service to nutrition. Hopefully this is just step one, and not just a publicity sop.

“Not only is there an unconscionable amount of people who remain hungry there’s even a larger population, mostly poor, who are faced with obesity, diabetes and various other problems from overabundance.”

– Sam Kass

His company, Inevitable Table, seeks to (according to the website)

“Through healthy meals, we share our understanding of how food can improve our health, increase our energy, and connect us with our land and local community in a sustainable way. With our support, the table once again claims a central place in the home, enriching our bodies, lives and relationships.”

Sounds good to me.

~ by Cory Cartwright on January 28, 2009.

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