First Day on the Job

Thank you, Cory, for the introduction (read: kick in the ass to start posting)! Indeed, I’ll be covering the under-blogged area of vegan wine paring and sharing tales of my alcoholic exploits around the Bay Area, all with a soundtrack of some fucking rad music. Who can post the most esoteric, yet rockin’ music-wine combinations? Dear readers, the gauntlet has been dropped (way too heavy to throw).

On to work. It’s my first day on the job… and I’ve already screwed up! I should be kicking things off with a snarky wine post, but instead, I fine myself here gently sipping some velvety gasoline, errr… Scotch.

Gotta love the plaid.

So in the interest of libacious non sequiturs, I’ll hip you to the Macallan 15 Year Fine Oak. As the name suggests, this one is pretty damn oaky, but unlike my tastes in vino, I don’t mind that aspect one bit in whisky. It’s a sweet drink to be sure and very accessible to the neophytes. In fact, I’d say, if you like marshmallows, you’ll like this whisky, ’cause it tastes as close to one as a Scotch can get. Perfect for a way too expensive nightcap.

As to not be completely off topic, I’ll plug the shiny new Bonny Doon tasting room over on the west-sieeeed Santa Cruz. My lady friend and I dropped by there recently and just loved what they had done to the place. No time for eats that particular afternoon, but apparently the new cafe is run by the host of many a romantic evening of ours: Gabriella Cafe. Soon they should be open well into the evening too, maybe even as late at 9 or 10 PM (SHOCK! HORROR!). What to taste? Personally, I’d skip most of their flagship syrah-based wine as they are overpriced and totally meh all around. Instead, go straight for their crazy whites: Le Cigar Blanc, Aurora, and various muscats. Good, clean fun.

Music? Well, tonight how about some soothing indie-pop from Geographer? Random trivia: their drummer is the guy who plays all the drums in Guitar Hero, YEAH!

~ by Chris on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “First Day on the Job”

  1. Scotch? Just kidding, thanks for jumping aboard and filling out my paltry offerings.

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