An insult!

I just got the April 2009 issue of Wine Enthusiast (actually, our house gets two, silly gift-bearing relatives…) and was surprised to see Terroir was omitted from the list of top SF wine bars! An act of terroirism if I ever saw one.

~ by Chris on March 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “An insult!”

  1. I don’t know. If they said anything about it, it would probably be similar to Alders post on Vinography, which was less than complimentary. Although I think it worked out to their benefit in the end, so you just never know.

  2. The problem is that wine bars are generally seen as bars that serve wine, with the emphasis on bar first and the wine second. So they put out largish, comfortable, categorical wine lists that try and hit most majot varietals/regions without trying too hard. Terroir, on the other hand, is wine first, emphatically. They are the wine equivalent of a restaurant with a menu that focuses on challenging thoughtful food, rather than making sure if someone wants a steak, they can get a fucking steak. So if wine enthusiast doesn’t like it, fuck ’em. We’ll make our own wine revolution.

  3. Damn straight. In fact, more press would probably just bring over more tourists.

  4. I can certainly suggest a different wine magazine for you! One that even hangs out at Terroir… if a mag can be a person that is.

  5. wine enthusiast a magazine? i thought it was a catalog…..

  6. Ha! Like I said, the subscription(s) persist as xmas gifts from the fam. And yeah, they sure are a catalog too. To their defense, I do enjoy their review section and spirits coverage, taken with the appropriate wine-media salt of course. However, the bulk of the articles are so fluffy, I want to make them into LOLcatz.

    And yes, Cory… fuck steak. :)

  7. Feel free to pimp your magazine here, Wolfgang. I have no reason to be impartial here.

  8. Wine & Sprits, eh? I’ll pick up a copy and report back here :)

  9. those terroir guys may be too dogmatic for the WE crew. i have to admit i like terroir on the less crowded side. maybe that’s why i enjoy going there for breakfast on the weekend…

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