Why you should drink Huet, a Message From The Nutrition Council

This is the closest I will ever get to being  Afrika Bambaata
The other night i made myself a hat (see above) and cooked myself a salmon (note the shit mustache, i will never be able to grow a better one i’m afraid). The hat is made from a vegetable bag and some tin foil. Most of the time when i drink, i choose the food, and work towards the wine. i rarely ever make hats. Rarely, when there is something particularly good i want drink, i choose that, and work backwards towards the food. the wines of Domaine Huet are just such wines.

As the title suggests, i think you should be putting more Huet in your diet, and less, oh i don’t know, high alcohol shiraz from Ecuador/Bolivia. i think, in fact that we could establish some type of pyramid consistent with this that encourages us to drink more chenin blanc.
Always decant
If this sounds too restrictive/scientific/reductive for you, just take a moment to think about the last time you drank any chenin blanc, let alone Huet, and then wonder if your diet is balanced enough. If the answer is “a long time” or “never,” you’re probably at risk for hantavirus or cancer, to name a few hypothetical diseases.
Action shot
So where to start? How do you get all the vitamins and minerality that Huet offers? well there are a number of routes to take, from buying a bottle of the pettilant that is offered at prices that make most champagne seem laughable for what they offer. The 2002, which was put out last year, and the 2001 which came out this year are both good options, but the 2002 is clearly the superior choice, offering a better chenin profile than the rounder, leesier 2001.
Salmon is a fish
From there come the more nutritious, and slightly more expensive single vineyard offerings Clos du Bourg, Haut Lieu and Le Mont (the petillant is made from vines ten years or younger from all three sites), which are still at bargain prices for something that can age for years. Each wine is made in sec, demi-sec, and moelleux styles, with some years producing the moelleux premiere trie from the first press of the wine that is the highest vitamin content offered. In addition, in certain years the quality is high enough that the domaine produces the rare Cuvee Constance, which is far, far out of my price range.

So what are the wines like? I have written about the 1959 Moelleux Premiere Trie here, and can honestly say that it was the best wine i’ve ever drank, and i don’t yet have the hantavirus. The 95 Le Mont sec above is still showing extremely well and should continue to do so. The ’06s and ’07 are both worth putting down for a good long time, and the 2002 petillant is my sparkling of the moment. The 2001 is good, but creamier and more champagne like than i’d like.

Note: This post sucks, except for the Huet, my hat, the salmon (classic), and the word “hantavirus.” If i do gimmick posts in the future they will be much better, i promise.

I would post Afrika Bambaataa here, but his videos aren’t available online.

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 11, 2009.

7 Responses to “Why you should drink Huet, a Message From The Nutrition Council”

  1. moelleux!

  2. Thanks Guilhaume! Fixed. Looks like i’m slacking on my editing duties.

  3. How much for the hat?

  4. In this economy I’m afraid I can’t accurately place a market value on this asset without taking a write down that would place undue stress on my books.

    So in short, $1.50, but all in quarters, because we have laundry to do.

  5. Well said re the market value of the hat. In other financial news, didn’t I hear that Saignee is having its most profitable quarter since Q3 2007? Things are on the up and up!

  6. Drank ’95 Clos du Bourg demi-sec just a few days ago. Damn tasty, even with my much less impressive hat.

  7. […] this is a bit of an oddity, letting the wines do the talking. My hat is off (not literally, as i rarely wear hats) to all these winemakers for making the wine world that much more […]

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