The Borecast

Last week i was asked to participate in a podcast and discuss wine by some friends of mine. It is a podcast that usually revolves around the geekier things in life like comic books, videogames (which is actually my real specialty, given my career choice), and science fiction. So if you want to give it a listen (i am up first) and hear me talk too fast about Thierry Puzelat’s Ko (cot) “In Cot We Trust”, Coturri Chardonnay, and a simple but tasty Gragnano. I also dispense (most likely bad advice) on getting into wine, probably make some glaring mistakes, and give my all-American wine pairing of cabernet-franc with a hamburger. So listen! Or don’t.

The Borecast homepage:

Direct Download Link:

Also special thanks to Kevin and Doug for inviting me on the show.

Note: I completely forgot I called Rudolf Steiner a proto-fascist. Perhaps I will expound on that in the future.

~ by Cory Cartwright on April 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Borecast”

  1. wat is this I was promisied twilight review

    • Keep scrolling down Keith. Also I demand comment, since I watched it out of sympathy for you (mostly).

  2. Cory – not a bad job for your podcasting debut. Rudolf Steiner as proto-fascist, you said the word twice! You definitely need to re-visit this topic.

  3. I certainly will, Joe. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, a lot of intellectuals at the time embraced ideas that would later form certain nationalist ideologies and Steiner didn’t embrace a lot of what was to become central tenets that led to the horrors of fascism.

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