A Wine Pairing Tale, Domaine Rimbert vs. Pan Fried Lamb Chops

Wine pairing seems to me to have become an overcomplicated proposal. Generally speaking i tend to ignore all but the broadest wine pairing recommendations, the ones on the level of “drink this because it is a regional pairing” or “this region or variety goes with this.” Most of the pairings (i blame this on tasting notes) are either cryptic to the point of speaking in tongues, “the [flavor and/or texture] of [wine] stands as a perfect counterpoint to the almost intimate interplay of the boldness of [ingredient] and the delicate penumbra of [ingredient]”. Or stupid to the point of “why the fuck am i tipping you? that guy over there could have told me that, most people really like [wine] with [food])”. I’m not saying that this isn’t a boon to some people, “red wine with beef! white wine with…most white and/or off white foods! chianti with every fucking Italian dish ever!”, but for me the whole idea seems, i don’t know, corny.

So of course this post is going to be about how i fucked up a wine pairing so badly that i need to apologize to all the sommeliers of the world for what i just wrote. The food in question was parmesan coated, pan fried lamb chops.



The wine i chose, because for some reason i thought it could handle the dish was a 2006 Domaine Rimbert “Le Mas au Schist” St. Chinian.

when the schist hits the alluvial fan

The problem wasn’t that the wine was bad, far from it. It is a nice tart plummish mineral wine that would make for easy drinking any other time, and one of my favorites from the Languedoc, a region renowned for undrinkable wines. It just didn’t work in this situation. As soon as I had any food the wine was washed away on a wave of mutilation. Drinking more was worthless, the food was just too much for the wine. It felt like i was washing down spicy food with cheap beer, there just wasn’t any taste once the richness had its way, and i had to admit defeat alone with no sommelier to save me.

~ by Cory Cartwright on April 16, 2009.

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