Coachella 2009: What Wine goes with Throbbing Gristle?

96 degrees in the shade
Your intrepid bloggers trying the most candied wine of the year.

saignée traveled all the way to Palm Springs and braved three days of scorching heat and ear splitting music to bring you this post on a single California chardonnay. Well, not really (except the scorching heat part), although the wine gives us a good reason to post about the festival.

Only 9$ a glass.  Wait that doesn't work.

The wine, cold as it was, was one dimensional, and that dimension was banana flavored. I can’t remember a wine that was so dominated by one thing and one thing only. It was like the melted part of a banana slurpee with a splash of 99 Bananas added for kick. Oddly pleasant, but in no way real wine. Luckily a late night bottle of Marc Ollivier’s cot made an appearance to save the day.

Chris Osborn went to Coachella and all he got was engaged.
Chris proposed to his lovely girlfriend on friday, and she said yes (the weekend would have been weird if she said no, i think).

The show itself was a rolling success from the time we got there (People Under the Stairs putting down real hip-hop for a mostly indie crowd) to the last strains of Robert Smith over the parking as we walked back exhausted.

Cory’s highlights include Italian DJs Crookers showing all the other hipster acts how it is done, Girl Talk finally making me realize why the hype, Gang Gang Dance surprising the living shit of me, Mastodon tearing a whole into the night, The Presets doing what The Presets do, My Bloody Valentine & Leonard Cohen fulfilling two of my life long must sees by playing again, and seeing Alice Glass of Crystal Castles embarrass herself in front of thousands.


From Top: Obligatory road trip shot, the polo grounds, flaming car snake, Chris with Busy P of Ed Banger Records, Cory with DJ Mehdi of same said records, sunset, Seamonkey mixing late (late) night, Ettienne de Crecy debuts his cube for America

The Floor Models’ (Co-Blogger Chris Osborn and Seamonkey) Coachella Mix:

~ by Cory Cartwright on April 25, 2009.

One Response to “Coachella 2009: What Wine goes with Throbbing Gristle?”

  1. dude, I can’t believe you were forced to drink that wine!

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