saignée and wine blogging ethics

Would Moses go on press junkets paid for by Bolivia's nascent wine industry?
It seems like ethics is all anyone in the wine blogging world can talk about these days. It all started a few weeks ago, on the blog of Dr. Vino who posted several items attacking the ethics of employees of one Robert Parker who, as far i can tell, wrote the books that served as the basis for the Spenser: For Hire television series. Since then there has been a back and forth between Parker and the wine blogging community that has included no small amount of handwringing as to what our ethical guidelines should be. So, in the spirit of copying people, i present to you saignée’s ethical guidelines.

1. Ethics are for pagans. We blog by strictures set down down in The Old Testament.
2. Ethical disputes are to be resolved using the rule of the Thunderdome, “two men enter, one man leaves.”
3. i don’t want to live in a world where someone would be stupid enough bribe me to review their wines.
4. If i call someone a “fucker” or any other such expletive, be assured that they are, indeed, a “fucker.”
5. saignée gladly accepts wine samples to review. To this date we have had some 00000 samples delivered to us and we have reviewed one hundred percent of them. If you would like to send us samples for review please contact Cory Cartwright at
6 What the fuck is a “freebie”? Sounds like seedy massage parlor terminology and, as such, i don’t want anything to do with them.
7. We actually put a lot of thought into what we drink here. Most wines i post about have been tried at least twice and i don’t really enjoy writing about wines i don’t like. i like wines that i can trace back to their origins, and i tend to drink wines from producers who are traditionalists and non-interventionists in philosophy. This may seem like evaluating wines out of the context of what is in the glass, and in fact it is just that. The fact that these producers tend to make highly individualistic, thoughtful, and food-friendly wines is a giant plus, else i wouldn’t be doing this.
8. i still haven’t found an Argentinian wine i would drink on a regular basis.

So in short:

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “saignée and wine blogging ethics”

  1. I’m all for rule #2.

    Bring on the post-apocalypse!

    – w

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  3. now THIS, is funny. nicely done!

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