Drip drop…

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m drinking a shitty Mendocino Syrah. Silly me for thinking good grapes grow alongside good weed. But hey, in these times of economic gnarliness, a man’s gotta clear out the dark recesses of his wine collection. But anyways, It’s time for a change, and I think I’ll inflect it on the blog.

Rather than pairing wine with music, let’s pair some music with wine.

Exhibit A: Moomaw.


This fine young gentleman has been a dear friend of mine since birth. I’ve been lucky enough to witness many iterations of his talent, all the way from drum & bass to metal to his current, and dare I say best, obsession: psych-folk. Take a listen (I apologize for any obnoxious ads during the download):

Moomaw – Astarte

You can easily draw comparison to Devendra Banhart among other in the modern folk revival, but close listens to Moomaw reward you with beautiful little pop hooks woven within thicker textures and backed up with more diverse instrumentation than your average folker. And man, you gotta check out this cat live as he wrangles all sorts of little devices (and of course, his ukulele!) and layers loop upon loop to create these psychedelic scenes that just may trip you out, even without Mendocino’s finest. This track surely is not from any of his past release, so hmmmm, could it be a sign of a future album release? Just maybe ;)

These last few months have found Moomaw living the bohemian life in the dusty old streets of Barcelona. Charming the old world must be chore, but he’s the man to do it for sure.

So, what to drink? Spanish? Sure. Cheap? Sure. Perhaps, then, a Monastrell from Bodegas Hijos de Juan Gil? Jumilla’s bargain wines always seem to satisfy my palette, when I’m looking for dark & mysterious with a touch of smoky charcoal, that is. Maybe Joe can help us out with a few more bohemian Spanish wines to pair with our music guest.


~ by Chris on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Drip drop…”

  1. first off, the good weed is in humboldt. but this general belief that wine and weed don’t mix keeps our grape prices down. i think a barrel sample might change your mind…

  2. A barrel sample, eh? YOU’RE ON ;)

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