31 Days of Natural Wine

Kloeckera Apiculata
Natural Yeast doing what it does best

I’ve had this blog up and running for close to a year now. I’ve posted about a couple great wines, some good ones, and a few bad ones (i tend to not post about wines i don’t like). In celebration of this not-so-momentous occasion i am going to be doing The First Annual 31 Days of Natural Wine. Each day Chris, myself or a guest blogger ( i have a few lined up, but i need more) will be posting about a natural wine that we drank the night before. There will be an extreme de-emphasis on tasting notes and more on producers, philosophies, cooking, food and wine pairing, terroir, styles, more music and wine, art and wine, education (i will be educating myself as well), biodynamic and sans soufre (no sulfur added wine making) controversies (and some cosmoculture) and hopefully a few winery visits/producer interviews. This all kicks off on June 19th and i swear, if nothing else, i’ll have a logo for this thing.

If you would like to be involved in any way, either by posting here or or on your own blog (or even if you don’t have a blog, i’ll post your writing), or you just want me to link your blog up if you’re doing it natural wine style email me at cory_cartwright@hotmail.com. i’ll post updates every week until i kick this thing off, hope you can join me.

ps. Natural wine? Natural yeast, organic farming, traditional cellar intervention.

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 23, 2009.

14 Responses to “31 Days of Natural Wine”

  1. Hey Cory, This looks awesome… I just sent you an email. This looks awesome!

  2. Cool! I’m game.

  3. I am in. Maybe I will write a (natural) song. But shouldn’t it be one lunar cycle instead of 31 days?

  4. I would love to participate. I’ll do an Italian wine…

  5. Linda – Thanks for participtaing and reading.

    Sharon – Thanks for reading and participating. I know where to find you so i’ll send more info when it’s ready.

    Arjun – Sounds great. Nah, no lunar cycles here. I’m planning to do some kind of get together in the city near the end of this thing. I’ll stay in touch.

    Jeremy – I already had you tentatively pencilled in. Now if you can convince that lovely girl of yours to participate too…

  6. I’m in, if you’ll have me…

  7. Everyone is welcome…senme your contact info cory_cartwright@hotmail.com

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  9. […] There are some stellar contributors lined up so far, and some stellar wines to be put down. (Click HERE for reference) However you can still get in if you would like, the more the merrier, as they say. […]

  10. Have you heard about the new organic wine directory? I saw a news release for it today. You can find out about it at http://www.millenniustarpublishing.com. Apparently they are accepting free listings for those that produce or distribute natural wines. If I remember, the book was called The Worldwide Guide to Earth Friendly Wines. Thought you’d be interested.

  11. oh cory, times are never that hard in austin. you and your lady should come visit…the only syrah ’round here is pronounced with the spittin’ r.

    glad you survived the recesses!

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