31 Days of Natural Wine: Still Time to Get In, and A Call for Suggestions

There are some stellar contributors lined up so far, and some stellar wines to be put down. (Click HERE for reference) However you can still get in if you would like, the more the merrier, as they say. For the contributors already signed up, the 31 days begins on June 19th and i will be contacting you directly.

i would also like to send out an open call for suggestions on what to talk about and what to drink as well as ask if anyone has specific knowledge on any topics.

– Who is getting it done naturally in the new world? America, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, etc? What is worth drinking?
– Anything under the radar from the old world that i should know about?
– Does anyone want to do a post on anything technical? Sulfites, organics, carbonic maceration etc?
– i would love a point counterpoint on biodynamics since it appears to be the thing that inspired the most partisans in the natural wine world.
– Anyone cook professionally and would like to contribute? i have wine producers, merchants, writers, bloggers, a sommelier but no chefs participating.


i found this wine for 3 dollars on closeout in Utah. Besides coming in a plastic bottle and laying claim to the ugliest label this side of, well, anything labeled, it was nigh undrinkable. This is exactly what i’m not talking about.

~ by Cory Cartwright on June 3, 2009.

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  1. get your Kerner on!

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