Thanks in Advance: 31 Days

Only three days left until the one year anniversary of this blog and the start of 31 Days and I just want to thank everyone who signed on, as well as give you a preview of some of what we will be posting about. i have gotten way more interest in this than i ever expected from a lot of varying sources ranging from the people who make the wine (thank god for them), people who sell it to us both in retail and restaurants, professional writers who have no reason to write on my blog free other than their passion for the subject, an especially passionate chef, and people like me who just like drinking real wine. So without further ado, thanks to these fine folks (in no particular order except winemakers first, of course):

David McDuff over at McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail interviews the man behind American sans soufre sensation l’Enfant Terrible, Mike Dashe.

i drive up to Sonoma to chat with winemaker Kevin Kelley about his ongoing experiment in supernatural wine, The Natural Process Alliance.

Soon to be husband and wife blogging/wine sales/rock stars Jeremy Parzen and Tracie Branch head to Montepulciano in search of the real stuff, and check in on biodynamic pioneer Nicolas Joly.

In two separate posts k&l wine buyer and hip-hop head Joe Manekin and Linda Milagros Violago Mugaritz sommelier talk about the confused state of Iberian wines and the efforts to get them back to basics.

David Harden from Rational Denial talks with Lou Amdur at Lou’s Wine Bar in LA about selling real wine in plastic LA.

Wolfgang Weber, senior editor at Wine and Spirits and author of Spume stops by to talk wine.

Peter Liem, correspondent for Wine and Spirits, besotted blogger, Champagne expert, and Knight of Champagne (no, seriously, he is) profiles Vouette & Sorbée Champagne.

Lyle Fass at Rockssandfruit tells us why we won’t be seeing much natural wine from Austria and Germany for the month.

Brooklynguy makes his wine of the week a natural one.

Chemist Arjun Mendiratta gets technical with the why and why-nots of sulfites.

Natural wine author and critic and tireless crusader against the forces of normalization Alice Feiring graces us with her presence and talks about my house white wine, (and hopefully yours as well) the Muscadets of Marc Ollivier.

Richie Nakano (better known as Linecook415) of NOPA sits down with me and talks real food to eat with real wine.

American in Paris Sharon Bowman grabs a bottle, drinks it, and writes poetically about it. The Vulgar Little Monkey tells us why we may not know shit. These two long-time internet antagonists will be cross posting on their sites the same day.

Bay Area wine geek Slaton Lipscomb drinks up. Not sure what yet.

Terroir Natural Wine Merchant owner Guilhaume Gerard hates cocktails, capitalizes last names, and hurls invective on manipulated wine.

Detroit’s own Putnam Weekely talks about pairing natural wines at Slows Barbecue.

Johnathon Seeds at Best Drink Ever drinks Movia’s Lunar under the full moon and hopes for, well, the best drink ever.

Author and journalist Robert Camuto approaches the subject of becoming too dogmatic in the natural wine approach.

San Francisco Chronicle wine critic Jon Bonne goes shopping in SF for the perfect thing to write about.

Tish at Wine Skewer gets into Nikolaihof and tries to ascertain if it is in fact the oldest continuously planted vineyard on earth.

Co-Blogger and Santa Cruz DJ Chris Osborn digs into the definition of organic/biodynamic to see what the hype is and why we should trust winemakers and not labels.

Equestrian superstar, water engineer and my beautiful wife Emily admonishes me for not “getting” Lagrein.

And me? I will be drinking some old favorites (Bea, Dard et Ribo, Puzelat, Musar), hopefully finding some new ones, wandering the streets of San Francisco in search of the worst glass of wine in the world, tasting the first sample of wine saignée has ever received, and just generally enjoying myself.

If you still want to get in and post please email me at If you want to post along with us on your own blog, or are on the fence, just send me an email the day you post and i’ll link you up.

Note: Everyone posting here is here independently sharing their personal opinions that do not necessarily reflect that of their respective employers.

Follow day by day here:

Next up: The author talks about his first brush with the natural

~ by Cory Cartwright on June 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Thanks in Advance: 31 Days”

  1. I didn’t even know you had a blog until Peter sent me your way.

    Interesting idea.

  2. You can join in VLM. Plenty of Dard et Ribo to go around!

  3. Wow, that’s quite a line-up you’ve assembled.

    Maybe a gathering of local contributors might be in order for day 32?

    Oh, and my last name only has one ‘r.’ :)

  4. Arjun,

    (Name fixed) I already have something planned. Probably just an informal Terroir meet the final weekend. Pop some bottles that were posted about. Should be fun. I’ll provide details later on this month.

    – cory

  5. […] bene: BrooklynGuy and I are both slated to appear in Saignée’s 31 Days of Natural Wine series. My post is schedule for June 20 and you might be surprised at what I had to say. Thanks again, […]

  6. this is going to be fun!

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