Day 10:Gettin’ Dirty with 2001 Damijan “Kaplja“ and 2008 Weingut Michlits

“Wine Is Meant To Be Crunk!” is the tagline of Hardy Wallace’s “Dirty South Wine“. Based in the wine mecca of Atlanta, GA.n(where I hear the grow 18% alcohol Albarino) Hardy’s mission is to bring joy into wine, regardless of how serious the subject. His contribution is part music video, part fancy dancin’, and most importantly, fun to watch….

In a sea of natural wine lovers, I’m a guppy–  swimmin” around, trying to find and absorb information from all of the people you’ll read here in the 31 days of Natural Wine.  I can’t really say where my journey began, but I can say that it is still beginning… 

I wanted to include my experiences with two wines-

2008 Weingut Michlits Pinot Noir Rosé
(Austria, Burgenland) Pinot Noir

2001 Damijan “Kaplja
(Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Collio)
Malvasia, Tocai Friuliano, Chardonnay

Two polar opposites. A bright, fresh n’ fruity, quaffer–  and then a bruiser. An orange thinker-drinker, that requires attention and time. Both wines coming from organic grapes, being made with wild yeast, and the utmost respect for the land, place, and fruit.

The straight up deliciosness of the Michlits can not be denied.  Not to insult the wine, but every mimosa dreams of being this-  Sparkling fruit with a kick, and most importantly a purity that says not so much what it is, but what it “ain’t”  and it “ain’t” no floozie.

The Damijan-  Decanted 2hrs, poured back in the bottle, and served at cellar temp (About a 1/4 inch of murky sediment left behind)–  As if orange had become a precious metal… Full bodied, layer upon layer of depth, fruit and rock,  caramel, and a bunch of stuff I can’t explain. 

One a quality piece of clean maguro, the other– straight up Uni– that even a day later you can taste it just by thinking of it

Sushi and sashimi (and jeers) aside, both rocked da haus with a “Willy’s” Tofu Burrito

The Michlits an “ahhhhhhh” wine, and the Damijan a “whoaaaaaa, where did I leave my pants?” wine.  Both delivering a goodness and power that only comes from minimum intervention.

All the information about their production can be found up in the links above- We’re talkin’ bugs, sheep, future-primitive concrete eggs, lack of electricy and all that jazz.

Follow day by day here:

Next Up: VLM vs. Sharon Bowman; or: Math vs. The Arts

~ by Cory Cartwright on June 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Day 10:Gettin’ Dirty with 2001 Damijan “Kaplja“ and 2008 Weingut Michlits”

  1. Dirty, you know I loves me some Damijan…

    Mazel tov, btw, on making the top 50 cut!

  2. Jeremy-

    Thanks! It was my first experience Damijan, and I really dug it. I can still taste it.

    Thanks on the thanks as well!

  3. Love the post and the Damijan is a killer wine and you’re the first poster with a video, so anyone so inclined after you will just be coppin’ your style.

    Also big props for the Phish Joke.

  4. Cory-

    Thanks for the opportunity to post. That Damijan is pure crazy juice, but beautiful at the same time.

    Glad someone got the Phish joke!

    This 31 Days of Natural Wine is awesome (even with my post)!

  5. Dirty Dirty! Thanks rocking us out.

  6. I too enjoyed the Phish joke, as well as the video. Look forward to checking out more Dirty South Wine online, be it fog, be it rain, or be it shine.

  7. Chris and Joe-

    Thanks a ton. That was some fun juice fer’ sure!

    I can still taste that Damijan!

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