“Keep tasting real wines and take care.”

i’m slowly working on a few wrap-up posts for this whole affair that i plan to post in the next couple days. i just haven’t felt like blogging at all during these lazy summer days and people are still perusing the 31 Days so i’ve kept pretty hands off.

i’ve been drinking some tremendous wines as of late that i hope to write about soon, including a Phillipe Pacalet Charmes-Chamberting Grand Cru, Vouette et Sorbée Saignée de Sorbée, and a Dard et Ribo Pe de Loup. i also met with the talented NOPA sous chef Richie Nakano and had a post planned featuring him, but it has since been discarded into the dustbin of memory due to malaise. Oh well. Do check out Richie’s blog, linecook415 as it one the best things going for anyone interested in food. We drank a bottle of 2007 Dard et Ribo Crozes Hermitage blanc. It was fucking great, light beautiful wine. None of that perfumed heaviness that dominates so many Rhone whites.

i do want to take a minute to say thanks to all the people who contributed to this project, from the people who do this professionally and felt motivated by a passion for the subject to write for free to the people who write for free and are simply passionate. the whole project went off better than i could have ever imagined and i have gotten a lot of praise that belongs to every single one of you.

i would also like to share with you a short email i received from Christine & Eric Nicolas
regarding my post about their wine that sums up my feelings abou this perfectly:

“Keep tasting real wines and take care.”

Seems about right, doesn’t it?

– Cory Cartwright

Follow day by day here: https://saignee.wordpress.com/31-days-of-natural-wine/

Up next: A wrap up post and some thoughts on responsibility; or: Lyle Fass’ 62 Days of Spoofilated Wine

~ by Cory Cartwright on August 7, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Keep tasting real wines and take care.””

  1. Contributing and following along were both a pleasure, Cory. Looking forward to having you back in regular action. And believe me, you’re not alone in planning to write about something only to have time get away from you. It’s happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.

  2. Great month of posts… Thank you!

  3. Day 1 – Leviathan
    Day 2 – Tardieu-Laurent Hermitage
    Day 4 – Michel Magnien Clos de la Roche
    Day 5 – Chateau Pavie
    Day 6 – Aubert
    Day 7 – The evolution of reverse osmosis . .

    and so it goes . . .

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