mea culpa

My last post was mean spirited and not in the style of this blog. I apologize to the people at Bethlehem Vineyards and to my readers who stumbled upon it. The next post will be better, i promise.

i will be wearing a hair shirt all day in penance if i can find one:

~ by Cory Cartwright on February 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “mea culpa”

  1. I’m sure my cat sheds enough to create a shirt. Want me to save you some fur?

  2. You’re such a tease!

  3. No donkey but am fairly certain we could find one on twitter.

  4. Of course, after you pulled the blog entry, I HAD to go and read it off of my feedreader…
    Wow. Yeah, that WAS pretty mean. Next time just be a nice guy and not mention the winery.
    It’s good to remember that when you skewer a wine you also skewer everyone who works there.

    It was quite funny though. Nice job manning-up and apologizing.

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