and i’m off

will be spending the next five weeks in Europe. First off to Piedmont, where i will be tasting at Barbera 2010 (full ethics disclosure, this is a press junket) and then at several Barolo producers. After that, it’s onto France where i will meet up with Guilhaume Gerard to tour the whole damn country, except Alsace. Sorry riesling, you’ll just have to wait. i’ll be trying to update the blog periodically, but if i drop off the face of the Earth after Italy, it’s ok, my ghost will avenge me.

Notes before i go:
My wife took me to Baker and Banker for my 30th Birthday (which will occur when i’m in France). It was excellent, with special praise heaped upon the scallops. We drank a 2007 vire-clesse from Roally that need a good 2 hours to come around (but when it did, o-boy) pineau d’aunis from Thierry Puzelat. All around outstanding dinner and my hat is off to Collin on his wine list.

Twin Peaks is still the best TV show that has ever been. i’m going to have to wait five weeks to finish rewatching it.

i had a Bernard Baudry franc de pied the other night. Damn that is a good wine.

i’ll leave you with this song, and the next time i post i will be in Asti:

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 6, 2010.

6 Responses to “and i’m off”

  1. Five months? What about the beer blog JV?

  2. Make that “weeks”

  3. That’s the way to do it…my one week getaways have got to go!

  4. God speed and safe travels.

    I love Piedmont, particularly Alba and Vincafe.

    Looking forward to your stories from the road.


  5. Have a great trip, Sir.

    I really look forward to hearing more about it.

  6. Glad you enjoyed dinner. It was great to have you both in. Keep us all posted on Europe (I have little doubt that you will).

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