Barbera 2010: Notes, but not tasting notes, and some pics

They have this semi-raw sausage here that is so perfect with some wines that it is hard to imagine a better pairing. i wish american’s weren’t squeamish about raw meat.

The polenta here is the perfect consistency. It’s something that is so simple, but so hard to get right.

i finally tried a black malvasia (malvasia di casorzo). It was nice.

For all the hub-bub about the tasting and the wood, the producers have been warm, accomodating, friendly, ready to answer questions, discuss points, argue when necessary, and drink with us. It is sometimes hard to remember that wines and the people who made them are different, and ascribing qualities to one that the other has is wrong.

i’m working off 4 hours a sleep a night. So typos (or more than my usual 40 or so) are to be expected.

Grignolino is a really cool grape when done right. Cassacia makes a fantastic one. It’s light, has some tannins, and pairs with food.

Every blogger here misses Tracie B.

I’ve said it before, but blind tastings are no way to taste wines. How anyone ever advocated this as “the way” to taste wines should be ashamed of themselves.

Thor Iverson puns like no one else. He can pull this stuff out of the air.

Scottish wine writer Bill MacDowell is the closest i will ever get to meeting AJ Liebling. Even if i don’t agree with his palate, he’s my new hero.

And i’ve had this stuck in my head all week.

Disclosure: all wine, food, lodging, and all transportation paid for by various interested parties. See for details on the people and entities involved. My tasting notes have not been influenced in any way, nor has my work on this blog and/or site, but the content of any work appearing only on that blog may (or may not) have been edited for content. I stole this disclosure from Thor Iverson who is going to set the entire cast of Boston Legal on me.

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Barbera 2010: Notes, but not tasting notes, and some pics”

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  2. do you have a url for Scottish wine writer Bill MacDowell’s work? couldn’t find it.

    thanks for the great reporting!

  3. I love that track.

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