The 1st Annual “What Terroir Did saignee Get A Renault Twingo Stuck in?” Contest

Somewhere in France i got this Renault Twingo stuck in great winegrowing terroir. First person to answer correctly gets a crappy prize.

Find out the less than exciting answer here:


~ by Cory Cartwright on April 2, 2010.

29 Responses to “The 1st Annual “What Terroir Did saignee Get A Renault Twingo Stuck in?” Contest”

  1. Vouvray

  2. Chinon

  3. Whichever winery Michel Rolland is consulting on this week.

  4. larry,
    doesn’t buying your vowel have to be in the form of a question?
    larry’s sis

  5. I suspect that my friends are on the right track… I’m going with the Cher.

  6. chateauneuf du pape

  7. Does great also mean famous? My guess is Les Poyeux.

  8. merde

  9. Its easy to get a Twingo stuck. Almost anywhere. Need more info. Need a clue.

  10. Sandy soil, ungrafted rubber tyres, can only mean Baudry or Breton franc de pied territory.

  11. Cote du py?

  12. No winners yet, but a few close guesses…

  13. Ok. Second guess. Clos Rougeard?

  14. Looks more like clay. Since there was no limit on guesses, I’ll try again. There’s a bunch of clay mixed with something vineyards in the Loire so with no real additional clues
    it could be any of them, so how about les Picasses?

  15. Jasnieres? Coteaux de Loir?

  16. Bordeaux!

  17. Il a une grosse moustache,toi tu sais pas conduire.Lanceur de couteaux ou cracheur de feu?
    Pour le vin je fais confiance a GG.
    Toi tu as mal aux gencives…fallait pas aller en Italie.
    Merci de t etre veski de chez nous.Ca fait du bien a mon larfeuille!!!!!
    Stupid comment …yes….give me your price….becareful,don’t drink what is in the trunk while your are driving… might stay stuck on the freeway.

  18. Shit, Guilhaume is driving!

  19. Clue one: Loire valley, and one of the best vignerons working it has a killer mustache…


  21. Le Bourg.

  22. My initial guess was Les Poyeux because it didn’t seem like one would be likely to get stuck in Le Bourg. It’s right in town and flat. Then again maybe it doesn’t drain
    well because it’s fairly flat. I guess I shoulda gone with Le Bourg.

  23. Indeed – with the cellars below, it seemed a more likely candidate for a visit.

  24. Yes, certainly. I thought a visit might also include taking in that more rural site, where getting stuck seemed more likely. A classic example of overthinking. Occam’s razor applied here.

    While not confirmed, I suspect that is the answer.

  25. Everyone is still wrong.

  26. How about some hints like red or white wine?

  27. The “killer moustache” line is leading me towards Jo Landron in Muscadet. There is some clay mixed in with the gneiss, orthogneiss, granite, sandstone, etc…

  28. Damn fine guess, as that is one of the best mustaches in the biz.

    2nd clue: The area is mainly known for whites, but some red is grown.

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