warm guinness.

Yesterday i was holed up in a vacant apartment building in Mayfair, London awaiting the eventual (?) break in the high pressure system that has left the skies over Europe in a state familiar to most victorians, polluted but free of flying machine. When everyone had been sorted into overpriced business hotels, i ended up across the street from the Sultan of Brunei and a block away from the Saudi Embassy, where lingering a little too long will get you a polite machine gun nod from the guards. The apartment was stocked with underripe bananas, a volcano with a name cribbed from the Icelandic Saga had quieted the skies, and there i was listening to folk music from the tinny speakers in the empty apartment. It was the closest i’ve ever been to being in a Pynchon novel.

Today i moved hotels to a part of town devoid of middle eastern royalty. Where it seems people actually live and work and aren’t extras in a hollywood backlot of London. It’s the type of place where you can get punched for cheering for the wrong football club and the guinness is served warm. It’s much more comfortable.


~ by Cory Cartwright on April 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “warm guinness.”

  1. dude, Tracie P and I are wishing you a safe and swift trip home… I got stuck one night at JFK on my way back from the Barbera debacle and I (we) can only imagine what a drag it is to be so far away for so long from your loved one… so sorry about this… get home safe man… you and Emily are in our thoughts! abbraccio J (and Tracie P)

    • Thanks, Jeremy. It’s been rough, but we’re coping (well with everything but London prices). I’ll be home at some point.

  2. yes, what he said…hang in there :(

  3. Expensive yes, but you were at the equivalent of 5th and 57th in NYC. Look at the bright side, you made it out of the neighborhood alive unlike Keith Moon. Don’t know how long you’re stuck but there’s a restaurant loosely affiliated with Jim of Jim’s Loire, RSJ. Always mean to check out but haven’t made it yet. Surprised you’re not checking our real ales. Guiness is good but not native.

    • I’ve had a few good english ales, but i haven’t found anywhere that has any on tap, and honestly i love tap guinness.

      • CAMRA, the campaign for real ale hit their website and punch in your postcode after clicking on the Camra near you link. Hopefully this is all moot soon.

  4. Save some warm beer for me; it looks entirely likely that I’ll be taking your place soon, wandering the streets of the cheapest city in the world.

  5. “It’s the type of place where you can get punched for cheering for the wrong football club and the guinness is served warm. It’s much more comfortable.”

    Don’t cheer for the wrong club then. Do you?

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