So it turns out that i actually did turn 30 recently

As you know if you’re a dedicated reader of my blog (how odd that sounds) i recently turned 30 years of age, which is apparently a big deal because 30 is no less than three tens, and our culture has a thing for that number (hence why 100 point wines are such a big deal. Ten tens. The wine doesn’t stand a chance after that math).

The first birthday was marked by heineken and crappy salad in Gaillac which, while entirely hilarious, had no wine to speak of, and only one friend.

So my beautiful wife gathered friends from around the bay area to come together and drink good wine and sing happy birthday to me (this is also important in our culture). i cooked some pulled pork, my friends The Floor Models put on a set, and our friends from North Carolina made coleslaw. This last piece is important because Carolina coleslaw is hands down the best. Argue your barbecue regionalism if you want, but if you say Carolina coleslaw is not the best, you’re untrustworthy and i would suggest putting you on the no-fly list. As for actually being 30 it seems the same as 29 except i feel i grumble just a little louder about teenagers and buy more “slacks.” Also i can start to feel nostalgic about events that i didn’t attend and bands i was never into in the first place.

Now if possible i would turn 30 more often because people brought out some excellent bottles. Here is a pointless listing of them for my own benefit:

Since it pisses some people off to say so i will declare the “wine of the night” (this is an entirely objective measurement backed by science and math, so please don’t argue it) was 1999 Jean Marie Fourrier 1er Cru “Champeaux.” Fourrier is fast becoming my favorite Burgundy producer. Old school, structured, stemmy stuff.

After that i really dug Thierry Puzelat’s 2008 “Le Rouge Est Mis” Pinot Meunier. i have no idea how Thierry found enough Loire meunier to bottle this, but keep an eye out for it.

2008 Foillard Cote du Py showed decently, but 2007 is still where it’s at.

Guilhaume brought over a magnum of 2007 Phillipe Pacalet Chambolle-Musigny that unfortunately showed poorly, especially considering how good this stellar producer can be. Still a good wine though.

We kicked off the night with a bottle of 2007er Eitelsbacher Karthauserhofberg spatlese and a 2008 Renardat-Fache which were both light and fresh and perfect for a saturday night. More folks need to drink Bugey-cerdon as a rule.

One friend, in order to make a liar out of me when it comes to cabernet, brought an excellent bottle of 1980 Shafer Napa Valley Cabernet as well as a 1980 Chalone pinot. People always talk sadly about old school california wines, and these are the reasons they do.

1999 Joel Gigou Pineau d’Aunis has held up better than i would have expected.

Two odd domestic blends, a 2007 Robert Sinskey Abraxas and 2008 Bedrock blend of some 11 different varieties from a 55 year co-planted vineyard made their way to the party. Both are well made, but not really my style.

Three bottles that have become standards here at chez saignee were drank, interestingly all from Joe Dressner’s excellent book. A 2005 DeMoor Aligote “Plantation 2005” (actually from Vintage 59 when it was brought in), a 2007 Chateau Oupia Les Heretiques (one of the best values in wine hands down don’t argue with me just drink some), and a 2007 Marc Olivier Granit de Clisson Muscadet. Can you believe people age muscadet? Why?

Late at night, when everyone was listening to dubstep, a 1996 Roagna Barolo “La Rocca e La Pira” a 2008 Emile Heredia Gamay “G” and a 2004 La Stoppa Ageno magically appeared from a backpack. i was past the point of paying much attention to wine, but all three were excellent and i wish i could have spent more quality time with them.

Lastly, as a gag gift, i received 3 bottles of undrinkably flawed bottles of 1980 chardonnay and a mother’s day cake.

So happy birthday to me.


~ by Cory Cartwright on May 10, 2010.

4 Responses to “So it turns out that i actually did turn 30 recently”

  1. That’s a great looking line-up. Interesting about the much-maligned ’08 Foillard; mine in January was also decent, but nowhere near as awful as it has been described elsewhere. Happy second birthday!

  2. Cool, I haven’t seen a Chateau Chevrolet label in years! Every wine I had from them was complete crap. Some true garbage was made by so-called premium wineries in Napa&Sonoma back in the pre-Parkerized days.

  3. “More folks need to drink Bugey-cerdon as a rule.”

    i agree.

    i drank every bottle in michigan though.

    send halp.

  4. Belated happy birthday. As you say, hard to beat Fourrier!

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