32 Days of Natural Wine(?) Thoughts(?)

i’ve been contemplating whether or not to to do 31 Days of Natural Wine again this year (it would start next month). Last year the response was overwhelmingly positive (i think), and i got some truly unique and interesting pieces from some of the internet’s best wine writers. it was a lot of effort (hence the early questions) but it may have just been lightning in a bottle. There are definitely a few things i’d like to do better this year, and a few things i’ve done on this blog since then that i wish i hadn’t done, but i’d love to try it all out again if people are still interested. So i’m just going to throw it out to you, dear readers and last year’s contributor’s, is there interest in doing this all again?

If you have no idea what i’m talking about, click this:


~ by Cory Cartwright on May 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “32 Days of Natural Wine(?) Thoughts(?)”

  1. Again for sure!

  2. Only you know your level of commitment. Do you think you have accomplished what you set out to do? I can’t imagine that you do, so I would hope that you build on what has been accomplished so far.

  3. the amount of knowledge sharing that ensues & reverberates will far exceed the time and effort involved…..
    i learned sooooo much last year from so many.

  4. Definitely do it! Things have moved on in Spain a bit, since your post last year “Natural in Spain”. New bodegas and a new Natural Wine Fair in Madrid on 7th June, for example. It’s a big commitment for you but the results are much appreciated!

  5. as I’m working on natural wine 365 days a year, I would be interested to participate – even in English, if this is the condition:-). So just do it!

  6. Yes, more natural wine! Please!

  7. I would agree- More please!! Last years was a lot of fun!

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