i’ll have to say i am really happy i got to try these wines

i haven’t been posting enough about wines i’m super excited about like i used to, and that is sort of why i started this blog. So to fix this here is what i drank last night. We had them with roasted goat.

2001 Henri Gouges Les Vaucrains

Henri Gouges is one of those producers where i start thinking “not enough people make wines like these anymore” and then i realize that i have no idea what i’m talking about because i’m young and don’t have the wine knowledge going back far enough to know if that is the case or not but despite this i start feeling that i’m right anyway and that people don’t make wines like this anymore. Perhaps there is some sort of cultural memory i’m tapping into that tells me how great this very, very old school wine is. Or perhaps i’m full of shit, but honestly this is one of the best bottles of wine i’ve ever drank.

This producer doesn’t exist anymore but the wine was really great. 1988 Yvonne Febvre (not a typo) Chablis Grand Cru Blanchots. This may sound stupid and quite obvious, but i really enjoy older Chablis so i’m lucky to have friends who have cellars with the stuff in it.

Since this is a lazy post, listen to this. It’s a song that i really enjoyed when it came out, but i wasn’t sure i’d like it later. Turns out i still do:

Note: The goat was cooked by Guilhaume Gerard over at The Winedigger. He has been photo-blogging our trip to France lately, so go check it out.


~ by Cory Cartwright on May 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “i’ll have to say i am really happy i got to try these wines”

  1. You are right about Gouges and the phenomenon is called morphic resonance.

    I have two bottles of ’99 Vaucrains sitting here at home. Plus some ’02 Chenes Carteaux. I love me some Gouges. Would love to have an old bottle, as every time I drink Gouges with people, there always some awesome guy/douchebag, who says the wine is too young and will be better in 20-30-40 years. Well then, awesome guy who is drinking my Gouges, bring me some ’55 Les St. George so I know!

    Wow…not sure why I posted that here . . .. . but it’s posted and Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t give a fuck.

  2. roasted goat…you’re a good man, Cory.

  3. I left my heart in the Gouges cellar hoping to absorb some of the tradition and purity that rests there. Some older bottles have stopped me dead in my tracks and I witnessed Christian Gouge bring a woman to tears with a bottle of the ’62 LSG. That being said, douchebags needs to keep their mouths shut and enjoy what is in their glass today. Speaking of which, back to my glass.

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