32 Days of Natural Wine

The miracle of fermentation

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So my blog is almost two years old, and to celebrate this i’m going to do the exact same thing i did last year, which is to talk about wines i and others love for 32 straight days. Everyday one of us here at saignée or a guest blog will be posting something about natural wine (natural yeast fermentation, organic vineyard work, traditional cellar work. Same as last year) whether it’s simply a bottle they can’t get out of their head or something bigger going on in the whole movement.

Last year we had some excellent contributors either sharing their thoughts on wines we’re into or issues about natural wine (including some controversies). The contributors included Alice Feiring, Joe Manekin, Jon Bonne, Wolfgang Weber, Chris Osborn, Linda Milagros Violago, Guilhaume Gerard, Slaton Lipscomb, David McDuff, Jeremy Parzen, Ed Thralls, Joseph di Blasi, J David Harden, Sharon Bowman, VLM, Amy Atwood, Lyle Fass, Brooklynguy, Johnathon Seeds, Robert Camuto, Hardy Wallace, Tracie B/P, Pameladevi Govinda, Kurtis Kolt and Jake Skakun. These are the folks who made the thing really go off, and i’d like to invite them back first off because otherwise it would have been me posting crap for 31 Days, and nobody wants that.

If you have no idea what i’m talking about read these (my favorites from last year):

Wine importer Joe Dressner on how he fell in love with wine:

Chemist Arjun Mendiratta breaking down sulfur for the masses:

And two that really show what what this thing is all about, Peter Liem‘s too good for the internet everything you needed to know about vouette et sorbee champagne and Putnam Weekley’s slow roll through Detroit with wine on his mind:


As for me, this year i’m going to stick close to home and do interviews with American winemakers who are doing some good things about farming, vinification, terroir etc.

If you would like to be involved in any way, either by posting here or on your own blog (or even if you don’t have a blog, i’ll post your writing), or you just want me to link your blog up if you’re doing it natural wine style email me at cory_cartwright@hotmail.com and you can follow along on twitter @32NaturalDays. i’ll post updates every week until i kick this thing off, hope you can join me. the whole thing kicks off June 19th so you have a whole month to think about it.

(Please note that while any one is invited, this is not a PR oppurtunity or something that will be used to market your wines. If your intentions are pure and you just want to write about natural wine, hop on board. If you just want me to provide a link to your or your client’s winery, there are other venues.)

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 17, 2010.

13 Responses to “32 Days of Natural Wine”

  1. I’ve heard of this natural wine thing. Quite trendy in Paris. Something like biodynamic wine but without the biodynamic part.

    Btw, I’m more in favor of new voices this time rather than repeat imbibers. But perhaps not Parker & Miller, as I doubt they know what you’re even talking about. Perhaps fewer wine bloggers and more importers, retailers and sommeliers?

    • There will be a good number of new faces, but I’m not going to cut anyone because they wrote last year. This is a celebration, after all.

  2. yay!

  3. […] 32 Days of Natural Wine is filling up fast. We have an all star lineup already, including Edward Behr, Joe Dressner, Lyle Fass, Jon Bonne, Eric Texier, Hank Beckmeyer, Kevin Kelley, Hardy Wallace, Jared and Tracey Brandt, Iris Lisson and some surprises that are surprises because i need to re-read all my emails again. Everyone is still welcome, though. The more the merrier. […]

  4. Are you looking for people who write only on wine straight up. I’ve been working for a while on a class I want to do on wine, classical music and philosophy (just waiting for the puritans in the college I teach at to okay it . . . ) and have some ideas of posts that could have a nice natural wine theme, probably having to do with the idea of artisanship

  5. Do it.

  6. Hey Cory

    Let me know if you’d like me to contribute. I would be happy to do so.

  7. […] visit, our conversation, and our conference call with Tony will be part of the second edition of 31 32 Days of Natural Wine, which begins on June 19. I can’t reveal (yet) what Tony said to me about how he is able to […]

  8. As a winemaker for 29 vintages and a practitioner of the natural approach, I’m looking forward to reading and posting about this very exciting topic.
    Just as with other alternative forms of agriculture, natural winemaking is I believe an outgrowth over the reaction to the recent understanding and rejection of the plethora of mass-produced, industrially made wider wine market. Its also the offspring of the sustainable and local food movement, whereby diversity and creativity can be explored by both producer and consumer in order to compete and be successful. I also think the natural technique produces some pretty damn good wines – that more fully express the place of their conception.

  9. […] desde su blog saignée para celebrar sus dos años de vida y el milagro de la fermentación. 32 días de Vino Natural reune la opinión de críticos, comerciantes, amantes del vino, escritores y educadores y con ello […]

  10. […] Cartwright produces the Saignee blog, which covers 32 Days of Natural Wine. It’s enjoyable, informative reading. You can learn a lot in a […]

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