It’s Memorial Day Weekend, so i’m told. So i’m going to post a few pictures and leave you be. Remember folks, as a wise Australian told me recently, “It’s about drinking…”

2004 Vitvoska
2009 Ricard Pere et Fils Le Clos de Vauriou

You better believe i’m going to get into another bottle of this at some point during the weekend. Straight gamay, no bullshit. If i was served this in a coffee mug i wouldn’t complain.

2001 Lopez de Heredia Vina Bosconia

i may complain if i was served this in a coffee mug, but i would have no less complaints drinking it. VLm and i discussed if old school Rioja was indeed a “terroir” wine with all the crazy oak treatments and then decided it didn’t mattered because good wine is good wine and bad debates are bad debates.

2004 Vodopivec Vitvoska

Good bottle of this. One of the better orange wines i’ve had as of late. Let’s stop talking about orange wines as a category and start talking about individual wines, shall we?

i really wanted to make this post to throw these songs up, which are going to be on my weekend playlist.

Now go get some sun

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Weekenders”

  1. Excellent jam. Then Wreckx-n-Effect went to town on that shit! You know, I find drinking alcohol out of a coffee mug to be the epitome of nonchalance. If I were a college professor, that’d be what I’d do.


  2. Wreckx-n-Effect AND N2 deep:

  3. don’t go and forget soul makossa or hihache now…

  4. Glad to see you’re diggin’ Ricard’s Vauriou. Is that a Charles Neal Selection out your way?

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