Lazy Weekend Posting Continues

i’ve always felt that transitional seasons are the best. Nothing quite compares to a perfect spring or fall day. Sure, summer and winter are fine if you’re in to that sort of thing, but they are very straightforward seasons. No subtlety involved if you ask me.

Yesterday was one of those perfect spring days here in California, not too hot, not too warm, birds mating with bees, that sort of thing (usually we would be straight into summer weather, but whichever pagan god/illuminati project controls weather has been somewhat testy this year so we’ve had especially mild temperatures.)

So in order to celebrate we had a “spring” themed dinner (actually there was no theme at all, just spring ingredients) for a few friends. Pestoed (not a word, but it should be) lamb, fava bean and greek yogurt salad, my bread, and blackberries and mariannes lemon custard ice cream. Bottles were broke out and mirth was made (except for an unfortunate bottle of vacqueyras, which was roundly denounced).

Clos Roche Blanche Sauvignon Blanc 2002. For a Sauvignon Blanc hater this was sublime.
Frank Cornelissen Susucaru 2. My last bottle of this wine was cracked for the attending. i still don’t get this wine. Why so much alcohol on it? Definitely not a springtime rose.
1969 Oddero La Morra. Stunner. i kind of just settled into a mid-prandial have swirling it around in my glass, taking the occasional sip.

1990 Prince Poniakowski Vouvray “Clos Baudoin” This wine keeps popping up and i’m cool with that because i like it. When we finally wipe most of ourselves out in the near future, archaelogits will dig up perfectly drinkable bottles of vouvray and wonder why we were so pissed.

2007 La Clarine Farm Sierra Foothills Mouvedre. i told Hank his wine was going up against a ’67 Barolo and he was concerned. He shouldn’t have been. We drained both bottles.

1998 Chateau Margaux. The first in a series of people forcing me to drink Bordeaux. i drank it. What did i think?

We’ll save that for a different post.

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 30, 2010.

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