2 Quick Beers at The Trappist, Oakland

Sometimes, some days, you just want a beer. Wine won’t cut it. Yesterday was just that sort of day, an early summer San Francisco day that forces people into the street, music blaring from windows, cars. Guilhaume and i, after sating ourselves on Mission Tortas, rolled over the Bay Bridge to check out what is apparently the spot for Belgium beer in the Bay, The Trappist.

Even at 2 in the afternoon the bar was full of people. Taking one look at the list and you immediately realize why. The glass list was packed with geeky highlights and the bottle list is a full book, chock full of producer writeups and all manner of lambic treats.

We grabbed a bottle from one of my favorites, Fantome, called Dark White. The name is fitting. It’s an intensely dark beer with delicate flavor. At first it wasn’t to great, so we decided to let it breathe (is this something beer folks do?)

Putting that aside, we grabbed glasses of Jolly Pumpkin Oro del Calabaza, which David McDuff has been raving about for months. This was nice. The sort of beer you would want to have around when someone started damning American beers in favor of their European counterparts. Sour, refreshing, nice.

When we returned to the Fantome it had come around a bit (it works!) but it was never as interesting as we had hoped it would be. C’est la vie. We’ll be back.

Now get back to relaxing. It’s the weekend.

~ by Cory Cartwright on May 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “2 Quick Beers at The Trappist, Oakland”

  1. Two great beers! Dark White is good but I’d agree that it’s not my favorite Fantome. It’s brewed with peppercorns (black and white) that add an interesting spiciness but it can be tough to drink a big one.

  2. I’ve never heard of decanting beer but it makes sense. I love that bar – I recommend you check out anything from Belgian brewery Cantillon – very dry-styled lambic. You must have popped over to City Beer (1 block down from Terroir) and talked to the owner Craig at some point, right? If not, I highly recommend a trip.

    • I’ve had some Cantillon before. It is very popular amongst natural wine makers in France (Rene Mosse has a Cantillon shirt that he wore in New York). I’ve been to City Beer as well and can definitely recommend it to any of our readers.

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