32 Days of Natural Wine: One More Week

So far we have a fantastic group of contributors for this year’s installment of 32 Days of Natural Wine, which kicks off next saturday the 19th, including folks from last year and a whole group of new contributors. Joe Dressner will be talking about the importance of telling consumers the exact percentage of grapes in a blended wine, Guilhaume Gerard will be traveling to South Africa for the World Cup and to taste the latest sauvignon blanc/semillon blends, Hank Beckmeyer talks to me about the importance of a Monsanto funded UC Davis education, Alice Feiring visits newly planted cabernet sauvignon vineyards in Spain, Lyle Fass writes a PR piece for a cult California pinot producer who sent him samples, Brooklynguy lets us in on the secret of the summer’s best value wine (hint: it’s from Argentina and it’s $5.99), i travel to Piedmont to taste barbera i don’t like, and Levi Dalton points out that letting distributors do your wine list saves time and money in the restaurant.

(Seriously though if you haven’t been assigned a day or still want to contribute shoot me an e-mail or “tweet” me or yell out your window until i come over).

Follow day by day here: https://saignee.wordpress.com/32-days-of-natural-wine-links/

~ by Cory Cartwright on June 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “32 Days of Natural Wine: One More Week”

  1. More exciting than the World Cup and France is favored to win here! But I’m still notta belivin that the guy from Brooklyn drank something from Ar-gen-TINE-a…I’m sure you meant Jura or Burgundy and it was last in the transgration.

    I have my commenting staff* ready. Bring on the Captain!

    *The magical kind, rather than the corporate kind.

  2. […] all gearing up for Cory’s 32 Days of Natural wines, which begins in a few days (I’ll be posting, as will Jaynes Gastropub, as will Hank above, […]

  3. […] right now. (Saignée, who’s also featured in Eric’s column, is about to launch his 32 Days of Natural Wine, a series of posts by guest bloggers, some of the biggest names in the business, and even Jaynes […]

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