Earlier today I asked a contributor and friend to share some of his concerns over how I’ve done things here during 32 Days. This was an evolution of a conversation that had been going on for weeks by email, and I shared some of his concerns and there was an entire context to the conversation. The tone of the comment was meant to be in jest, but it’s impossible for that to come across without context. It wasn’t the right venue for his complaints, and I did nothing to alleviate them before it was made public, but still I asked. I did him a big disservice (and the other contributors) because these are concerns I should have brought to the forefront earlier in a forum where the criticism could be directed squarely at myself. But because I didn’t and there was no context, he came across as the bad guy because I stirred the pot from behind the scenes. It was a bullshit move and I apologize to both him (Guilhaume Gerard) and Amy Atwood.

– Cory Cartwright


~ by Cory Cartwright on July 13, 2010.

One Response to “Apologies”

  1. In the spirit of the day before Bastille day, I think 32 Days needs more ridiculousness and less earnestness.

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