Rhys Vineyards

Photos taken during an extremely cold summer in the Santa Cruz Mountains during a visit with the VLM who has been a fan for quite some time. First time i tried these wines, and i was blown away. Low alcohol pinot noir from California (one clocked in at 12.2% and had expansiveness and depth, so please stop telling me it can’t be done folks). Raised on indigenous yeasts, obsessively farmed, blahblahblah all the right stuff going on. Hard to come by, but if you ever get the chance, do yourself a favor and take a minute to rediscover what California wines can be, and what a handful of producers are doing.

~ by Cory Cartwright on October 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rhys Vineyards”

  1. Why the fuck do they irrigate????
    According to the weeds and vegetation in the background, it doesn’t seem to be dry.
    Nice pics and thanks for the tasting notes…
    VLM if you read this, you have to make me try these…

  2. You’re welcome, Eric. I’m glad you enjoyed the “tasting notes.” The wines are good and you should definitely force VLM to open his allocation.

    ps. Irrigation for young vines only, I believe, in certain vineyards. Kevin could probably tell you more.

  3. I must to try ;-)
    Where can I get my hands on a bottle? According to their website, they are sold out. Any local shops sell these wines, or mail-order only?
    Desperate to taste….

  4. We do not irrigate much. We do for very young vines, particularly before grafting, and for the first time this fall during a heat wave to avoid complete loss of a crop. Overall though this summer was very cool and we had green weeds further into the growing season than is typical.

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