La Clarine in Winter

On Friday, needing to recharge after 2 weeks of working in my cold warehouse, i decided to drive up to to see Hank Beckmeyer at La Clarine Farm. i went with Martin Carel, who, along with his brother is shooting a film about the new wave of California winemakers. We ate cheese, hiked the vineyards, drank a bottle of 2005 La Clarine (never released commercially) that Hank graciously poured for us. It was a beautiful day and it makes you wonder why we ever moved to cities in the first place. It was cold and grey, but the vineyards still held quite a bit of life in them.

The view

Hank pontificating

Miguoa the cat, posing

The view, later

Hank discusses sandy soil


Sage. The whole place is redolent of sage.

Can you ask for a better lunch

Backside slope. Looking at Hank’s vineyards you can see where certaian species thrive and others don’t, even on the three acres This is why Hank’s farming approach to this vineyard fascinates me so. Trying to find specific vines for specific sections without forcing them.


The final view as we left.

360 degree view from the top of La Clarine. Click to see larger image.

~ by Cory Cartwright on December 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “La Clarine in Winter”

  1. Cool to see Hank and La Clarine different to what we experienced on our visit in August, with blaring sunshine and 106F! Great fotos!

  2. hey man-love ‘the view, later’ shot. any way i can get/buy a copy from you? email me.



  3. I like this post. simple. to the point. all the info you need.

    Thanks cory!

  4. Uh oh, here we go, pretty soon the text will be gone, we’ll get posts of nothing but pictures, and then poof you’ll be gone…

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