Apparently people have been asking if i’ve shut the blog down for good. i’ve been busy as of late setting up my new business, but starting this week i’m going to get back on that horse and start scoring every single alcoholic thing i’ve ever drank, starting with the bottle of Neapolitan liquor I stole from parents in highschool (i’m 82 points on that).

I’m also going to talk about the wines i love again, cooking, baking and John Tesh Live at Red Rocks.

i figure this update is pointless to anyone who isn’t me so listen to this:

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “So”

  1. Stole or borrowed from the Parents?

    One of my friends would top up the Vodka bottle with water.

  2. Is that an empty bottle of Vin Jaune on the table? Love Vin Jaune.


  3. Looking forward to more posts!

    And Henry is right – vin jaune does rock!

  4. That etichetta nera is too young.
    How was the Oliviers?

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