The Lineup

A friend recently said to me “you know what a good chardonnay tastes like, right? So why is that everytime a wine geek has a good Chardonnay they have to fucking talk about it again like no one has ever had one before. Can’t we just stop talking about wine sometimes and just drink it?”

Amen. My birthday lineup, sans talking:

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Lineup”

  1. Jesus.

  2. If you click through the pictures there is a cold logical choice for the bottle that was unmistakeably corked. We had one other where there was some debate, but the corked bottle should be obvious.

  3. fun times. your bourguignon was stellar too.

  4. Happy birthday, late. Also, jealous.

  5. You actually have sit in there I would drink! Well done, laddy.

  6. No talking, just drinking (and sometimes gulping). If everyone just could do me that favor … . Great line-up btw, just the first and the last one only would have made me perfectly happy.

  7. Hey. my birthday is in one month….just saying… ;-)

  8. damn, your place got clean!

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