Joe Dressner gave me a call right after i stopped the blog and convinced me to go on hiatus because he was sad to see it go, so i’m heeding his advice. thanks Joe!

Well, I’ve finally decided that I no longer have the want to keep up this blog, so i’ve decided to go on an extended. It’s been fun and i’ve enjoyed it but i need a good break and maybe the blog will never be back, who knows. Thanks for reading and for your feedback and most of all for drinking great wines made by great people who actually give a shit, a rare commodity these days.

Thanks to the Hanks, Erics, Didiers, Steves, Bartolos, Ariannas, Anselmes, Nadys and Charlys, Marcels and Mathieus and all the others who make this all just a bit better.


Cory Cartwright

~ by Cory Cartwright on April 22, 2011.

8 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. No!!!!!!!

  2. bummer.

  3. Bummed. But understand. Thanks for all of the enlightenment and education.

  4. Glad to hear that Joe convinced you to just go on hiatus and hope that you find the urge to blog again someday. You will be missed in the mean time. Good luck with Selection Massale.

  5. This blog made me famous all over the wine planet! I am totally depressed.

  6. i thought japanese nuclear plants made you internationally famous

  7. As long as 31 and 32 Days of Natural Wine stay up, I can live with this. I’m confident inspiration and desire will return, they usually do. In the meantime, thank you, this blog has been a great resource for following the ongoing natural wine conversation.

  8. Sorry to see it go but Selection Massale is probably keeping you pretty busy, no?

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