Last week I learned that Lou in LA is going to be under new ownership. Lou Amdur opened a wine bar in LA that catered to the stranger tastes in wine, the Cour-Chevernys, the Mt. Etnas, The Arbois. It’s a hard job, that, convincing people to try wines they’ve never heard of, to appreciate producers rather than grape varieties or labels, to say for the 1000th time that no, there isn’t any Chardonnay by the glass.

One of the hardest things you can do in wine is come up with a great list with very little money. If you have millions you can make a list that looks like millions, packed with blockbuster auction pieces. It is harder to do with a few thousand dollars, buying wines you believe in but that no one else has heard of.

Lous accomplished this by being honest to his taste. I sold wine to Lou and the thing that impressed me most is Lou bought what he liked. He never asked me prices until he was done tasting, and he only asked prices of the wines he liked. He could have asked for everything, to try and figure out margins, to make more money but then the whole enterprise wouldn’t have been as Lou Amdur, it would’ve just been another wine bar, I wouldn’t have received 60 text message on Friday asking if I knew what was up.

So before Lou ends his time at his bar, stop by and say goodbye, or if you haven’t been say hello for the first time.

Thanks Lou!

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 12, 2012.

3 Responses to “Lou”

  1. Sad news especially since I am planning a trip back home this summer after more than 5 years away – which was going to include a trip all the way down to LA just to see Lou and his bar… too bad, but I am happy for whatever decision Lou wants to do from this place forward.


  2. […] really liked this elegiac post by Cory (and recommend it). It reminded me of how Lou brought so many of us together — despite the […]

  3. Word. We’ll miss LOU on Vine for sure.

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