About us

Saignée, from the French, means bleed which I suppose is an excessively evocative title for a wine blog. Luckily it also refers to a method of making rosé wines, which makes more sense, though it loses much of the connotation of violence. As for myself, i’m not a very violent person by nature, but I certainly enjoy bled wines. As for me (cory), i am currently located in Oakland California, and i am part owner of Selection Massale. My wife, Emily, is a civil engineer who is building a railroad to the moon (or i least I hope she is because i would love to visit) or barring that, levees. The wines i enjoy usually fall under the category of “esoteric,” (lately I have been drinking more and more wines from small grower/producers, organic and biodynamic winemakers and low or no sulfite wines) or not the standardized wines we have come to find everywhere. i’ll give everything at least a chance (or at least a scowl when i pass the bottle in a store).

You can contact me at cory_cartwright@hotmail.com

3 Responses to “About us”

  1. interesting blog :)

  2. Hi Cory, I was just turned onto your blog by a friend. I am far from a technophile, and was wondering if there was a way to receive your blog via email rather than checking your site on an erratic basis?

    Thank you so much,

    Greg McClellan, Trisaetum Winery

    • Do you have an RSS reader? That’s about the best way to deal with the blog avalanche.

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