On Freebies

saignée no longer accepts PR, samples, press junkets or freebies of any kind. Please don’t contact me about them because i won’t pay them any mind. From this point forward this blog is about wines and winemakers i’m fully excited about.

“No blow, no hookers, just good government.” -Dennis Miller on a new slogan for Marion Barry, 1991

3 Responses to “On Freebies”

  1. That sounds like a recipe for no government.

  2. It is an interesting point. Whilst being both understandable and pure, and free from accusations of interest, it also poses problems. What about tastings where the supplier foots the bill? What about a winery visit which turns into lunch? How far do you go? Seeing less wine basically means having less of a resource based upon which you can make informed judgements. Do your readers want purity albeit perhaps less informed, or gravity and you ask us to trust you? If you did accept samples and got a reputation for never writing up the dross, would merchants stop sending it? Anyway I like the blog just fine. Thanks

  3. Hey Saignee, here is my response to your policy on freebees: http://worldofbooze.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/how-easily-corrupted-am-i/

    Keep being upright and I’ll keep being silly.


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