Quickly, at lunch

Fastest, sloppiest post i’ll ever do, promise:

Terroir over the weekend with Joe Manekin at Terroir, drank:

2007 Fouillard and 2007 Puzelat Telquel: Two sides of the same Gamay coin, smart rustic wines. Not terribly fruity, really excellent.

2007 Puzelat Pineau d’Aunis: Good, no fucking good wine. Spicy, earthy, intoxicating palate, i would say this tastes like what Marrakesh tastes like.

2006 Antoine Arena Grotte di Sole Vermentino: Fantastic stuff. Minerals and slightly oxidative notes, like the idea of almonds rather than the almonds themselves.

1979 Heitz Napa Cabernet: A bit past it’s prime, still cabernetish, some dried prunes, leary notes and a closed down finsh.

1979 Santa Cruz Mountains Vineyards Cabernet: Held better than the Heitz, better wine overall, still had some acidic cherries. A bit more wood than i like, but i typically don’t like cab, so there you go.

Friday, with mushroom pasta:

Dazed from an ear infection I opened a bottle of white frizzante 2007 Cà de Noci Querciole instead of something meaty and red. This is damn good wine, sparkling, cloudy and crazy acidic. It’s like a light tongue sandpapering, or maybe a cat licking its own tongue. Some honeydew melon way in the back to balance things out. God works in mysterious ways and the wine worked somehow, so the ear infection was a prod in the right direction.

~ by Cory Cartwright on January 13, 2009.

One Response to “Quickly, at lunch”

  1. “A cat licking its own tongue.” I bet that description has never been used to describe a wine before. Good job.

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