To Next Steps

So i’m on to new things, it would seem. This past staurday marked my last day at Terroir Natural Wine Merchant. While I wanted to stay on and continue working at the best natural wine shop (and hence best overall, in my opinion) in the country, the state of California decided that my new venture conflicted with my employement at an ABC license holder so i was forced to quit. Don’t worry though, as Dagan and Luc have picked up without missing a beat after the flood and if you don’t stop in for a glass (or better yet, a full bottle) while in San Francisco you should be ashamed of yourself. i have to say thanks to both of them for giving me the oppurtunity to work there, taste some amazing wines.

So what am i up to? Well in the next month i will be traveling to Italy with no other than DoBianchi aka Dr. Jeremy Parzen to taste in Piedmont. After that it is on to Nimes where i’ll meet up with the Wine DIGGER aka Monsieur Guilhaume Gerard for a tour of the entire hexagon. After that it’s down to serious work, which i’ll tell you all about in the coming months as the plans become choate (take that, Justice Scalia).

After that i’ll be putting together some sort of wine writers on beer crossover event that was planned with David McDuff but had to be scrapped when my computer nuked itself this week. Stay tuned for 32 Days of Natural Wines as well, as everyone has asked me about it i may as well organize it again (that and the quality of submissions was undeniable last year, so why mess with a good thing?)

So what to toast new things with? 2002 Huet Petillant, first disgorgement, still the king (as well as half bottle of 2004 Le Haut Lieu, purchased from the fine folks at Uva Wines in Brooklyn. Served with trout in beurre blanc, which was a damn fine pairing:

Cheers to all my readers, and here’s to next steps.

~ by Cory Cartwright on February 26, 2010.

8 Responses to “To Next Steps”

  1. Now I am even more jealous of your European trip! Will you be blogging from the road?

  2. very geeked to taste with you in Italy dude! :-) so glad you can make it…

  3. Best of luck with all the new projects, Cory. Wish I could join you guys in It-ly and lookin’ forward to our beer jawn. Just let me know when you’re ready.

  4. Amy- I will be blogging in Italy, France less so, but I plan on writing everyday and posting in chunks.

    DB- You better believe I am as well.

    McDuff- Wish you could come along as well. Should be kickass.

  5. sorry we never had a chance to work together at terroir but excited about the projects.

  6. can’t wait to be in Ammerschwihr and visit all my favorite biodynamic producers.

  7. We’ll have at least one gewurtz on the book, that is for sure.

  8. Good luck with everything. Let me know if the beer project needs YAWB (yet another wine blogger).

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