30 in Gaillac

Today i turn 30 in Gaillac France. It’s pissing rain right now, and we’re about to go taste wine. Life is pretty good, except i miss my wife terribly (i hope the feeling is mutual).

If you’re ever in Gaillac may i suggest eating at Restaurant Lou Cantoun? They have a young talented chef, a killer wine list with good regional selections and natural stuff from around France. We had a bottle of Mauzac Pet Nature from Plageoles. It reminded me of a vouvray that took a turn somewhere along the way and did its own thing.

They also have a noisy cat that sits on the bar by the front door. Always a plus in my book.

~ by Cory Cartwright on March 22, 2010.

11 Responses to “30 in Gaillac”

  1. There are worse things that could happen. And worse places for it to happen in. Congrats!

  2. happy birthday, Cory! buon compleanno… :-)

  3. Turning 30 in france, good eats and good wine, a cat that sits on the bar…what else could you ask for…Dad and I are really glad we decided to keep you.

  4. I agree with Hank: the wife-missing sucks, to be sure, but to be 30 and in France is, as we say chez Iverson, “a high-class problem.”

    OK, you *are* with whatshishame, which drags down the experience a bit. But hey: bar cats!

  5. thor – lol

  6. happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, Cory!

  8. Happy belated.! Hope you’re still celebrating.

  9. belated birthday wishes from Brooklyn, Looks like I missed you guys over there by just a couple of days. enjoy the rest of your trip!

  10. […] have already written about Lou Cantoun in Gaillac which has a great counter cat. At Le Baratin they also have a cat, though this one wanders about […]

  11. […] first birthday was marked by heineken and crappy salad at in Gaillac which, while entirely hilarious, had no wine to speak of, and only one friend. So my beautiful […]

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