I Detect Barnyard Odors

The Denver Stockyards

Bringing wine along on trips for no particular reason is always bound to raise eyebrows as all of us wine geeks know. Telling someone that no, these aren’t special bottles, just good often gets looks of mocking bemusement, if not outright confusion.

Last week my wife and i traveled to Denver for a horse show (we own an Arabian which my wife rides competively, and quite well as 21 years of practice has that effect) and we were told beforehand good wine was hard to come by in this high plains city (never let anyone tell you Denver is a mountain town) so we packed up beforehand. We did pretty good, as we weren’t able to leave the show much in the first place until the last day so wine was hard to come by, at which point we did score some quality bottles at cut rate prices.

Note: In horse show tradition all these wines were drank from plastic cups. if this offends your finer sensibilities, tough. i will also not be employing a single lame horse metaphor, analogy or pun in the rest of this post. Note: “lame” is completely pun intended.

Bartolo Mascarello Dolcetto d’Alba 2007: i’m quite certain i have never had a dolcetto with quite this much depth and complexity before. Nice and serious wine from a grape i have only had mixed luck with in the past.

Clos Roche Blanche Cabernet 2007, Touraine France: Classically mineraled, soft fruit Clos Roche Blanche type stuff. i’ve had their cabernet before several times and it has never once disappointed me.

Franck Peillot Mondeuse 2007, Bugey France: This was the best wine of the show (and coincidentally the only one exhibiting any barnyard at all). Nice structured acid built on a foundation of tart fruit and minerals, with a layer of deep funk keeping everything in line. This is a wine from an obscure variety in an obscure region that needs more praise. Seriously, go out and buy.

12$ for each of the next two, and people wonder why budget wines in America are so looked down upon.

Chateau Coupe Roses Minervois 2005, France: Started out entirely too fucking juicy but after being opened for about half an hour started to do the opposite of open up, it started to close and become angular, show some stainless steel plums and jagged coppery licorice whips. I dug this wine even though it showed strangely, and at this price i’d buy a lot more.

Domaine De La Pepiere Muscadet Sur Lie 2007, France: Marc Ollivier makes the best low priced white wine on earth, ’nuff said.

Longest hair on any horse i've ever seenLazy dogStyx song
Horse people are animal people, at the show there were some nine horses from our barn, as well as five dogs and amazingly a cat that travels with the trainer and never gets lost. From top left: Dudley, Flynn, Lady, Freeway, our horse Balli drinking Propel Fitness Water (he loves it), Okie, Bunny, Toby, and Image.

Note: 31 Days, get in now before it’s too late:

~ by Cory Cartwright on June 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “I Detect Barnyard Odors”

  1. Nice wines. I concur with your comments. Was the Mondeuse 2007 or 2006 (as pictured)? I drank loads of the 06 last year. As expected, it was a thicker, riper vintage than 04, which went very well with Detroit style coneys (beef heart is the magic ingredient.)

  2. It was in fact the 2006 and not the 2007.

  3. I’ve said it before (though maybe not here) and I’ll say it again: GD Vajra. Dolcetto d’Alba “normale” and Dolcetto d’Alba “Coste e Fosatti.” Find them, buy them, drink them… I think you’ll dig them.

  4. You have mentioned them before…on the list they go.

  5. […] Equestrian superstar, water engineer and my beautiful wife Emily admonishes me for not “getting” Lagrein. […]

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